Streaming Software


High-Quality Streaming Software

When streaming live events gets challenging, Doton Tech steps in to help customers by ensuring that nothing gets in the way of a viewer. We build fully integrated solutions to allow broadcast-quality live streaming, while taking care of the diversity of devices, traffic spikes, piracy, and other obstacles. You only get one shot to do live, and we know how to do it right.

Our streaming software solutions enable YouTube videos, radio broadcasts or TV network content to be broadcasted. The live video streaming software allows you to get your message out to a wider audience, faster and easier.


Live Streaming Software Solutions

Live Video Streaming Solutions

We develop software to create pro-quality productions from any desktop or mobile device. Powerful options include web streams, multi-camera operations, virtual sets and Chroma keys for post-production. Online gamers can stream graphics-rich content to Mixer, Twitch and other platforms. Content generators can make their channels stand out on YouTube. Display, record and live stream simultaneously.

  • Full-cycle live content broadcasting with just one technology partner
  • Development for diverse platforms, devices, players, and formats

Experts in Full-Cycle Streaming Software Development

Doton Tech is not just a distribution of app development services, but a platform that ties up our clients with the world of technology. Having foreseen the rise of media streaming, we dedicated a part of our team solely to the streaming app development. Today, we have many successfully completed applications.

  • Simplified management of complex live streaming software workflows
  • The ability to scale to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers